Yee-haw! Browns Socialhouse is now open in Calgary, Alberta

We are all very excited to announce the birth of our 34th Browns Socialhouse at 3:30pm MST on March 17, 2015, located in the Britannia neighbourhood of Calgary, Alberta!

Congratulations to Chad Taylor and his partners, Chad McCormick, Greg Taylor and Gord McCormick on their 1st of many planned openings in the Calgary area. Calgary has anticipated a Browns Socialhouse for quite some time and we don’t blame them:) Who wouldn’t want to socialize with Chad and his team?

A special thanks to the entire management team, Emilie Fortin, Warren Copeland, General Manager Demia Campbell, Chef Tim Emslie and the rest of the management team whose hard work and efforts have created a new (and spectacular, of course) Browns Socialhouse. There is a chinook coming to Calgary and its Browns Socialhouse Britannia!

Also, kudos to our training team for doing their part and making this happen – Hanna Budny, Stuart Cooper and the rest of the hard working crew.