ownership opportunities

At Browns Restaurant Group there are OWNERSHIP opportunities for the right people.

We are always looking for great talent.  Especially experienced management with a desire to get into ownership…..

We try to be pretty clear that we are looking for experienced veterans of the casual dining battlefield.  Most of our owners come from full service (premium casual) restaurant brands. 
You know the names.  You probably work at one of them right now. A high probability of success is given to those with proven track records in our category.

Your results will determine your progress towards mutually agreeable ownership goals.

Please read more information listed below and feel free to contact us to start a conversation:

Let’s see - does this list describe you or your current situation?

  • You know that running a restaurant takes plenty of dedication and smarts.

  • You have worked your way up through the ranks in premium casual dining.

  • You have a high proportion of that mysterious hospitality genetic code that keeps us all going no matter what the challenges of the day might be.

  • You know that success in business, as in life, is what you make it. 

  • You think you may have “maxed out” where you work right now.

  • You are ready to work for yourself, instead of someone else.

If this all makes sense to you, then you are a candidate for a change.  Appropriate management experience isn’t easy to get, but if you have it and if
you are ready to make the next step, we may have the opportunity you are looking for… Here is how that can happen:

  • Take a look at our Careers and Franchise Opportunities pages

  • Understand our business and our brand.

  • Determine your assets (skills, experience, available capital). 

  • Be clear about your motivation (and timetable)

  • Self assess your fit with our business.

We start with learning about you and “what you bring to the table” based on your personal and professional experience, business interests, career motivation and available capital. 
If it all makes sense, we would tailor a customized plan to provide a step by step pathway into ownership.  We will work together to set realistic business goals and to grow your capacity in any needed areas. 
If you bring the energy and dedication, we can provide the systems and the opportunities.