Our Story

Conceived over time and launched by Scotty Morison in 2004, the Browns Socialhouse Franchise concept was developed in light of a singular vision: to do more…with less. Browns Socialhouse wasn’t developed through data analysis; it’s real, experiential and intuitive. It’s driven by extremely high expectations from the Franchisor, Browns Restaurant Group. And it puts Franchisees front-and-centre, because we know that a Franchisor can only set and support the “bar” – it’s Franchisees that truly deliver the goods to Guests.

Scotty Morison developed Browns Socialhouse to offer Guests a hybrid experience that bridges the gap between “premium casual dining” and “neighbourhood pub.” Fancy buzzwords aside, we think our restaurants are great places to meet, eat and have a drink in spaces that promote socializing – hence the name “Socialhouse.” It’s that simple.

It is our mission to grow World Class Restaurant Brands that create Wealth and Opportunity for our Partners.

Browns Socialhouse will go places others haven’t been while paying tribute to mainstream preferences. We like to think of our Brand as timeless yet contemporary, fun yet serious about delivering great experiences…and, more than anything, Social!