Work With Browns Restaurant Group

At Browns Restaurant Group, our mission is simple: Grow world-class restaurant brands that create wealth and opportunity for our partners.

You’ve probably seen us in the media recently and there’s good reason for that. It’s not just because we’re growing fast (like, speed of lightning fast), but it’s because we only hire smart, focused, creative and culture driven people.

There’s joy in being part of a thriving company full of smart, dedicated people; and the knowledge that your supervisors are looking out for your growth, not just the company’s. You just can’t beat the satisfaction of working at a place that encourages growth, hard work and a touch of goofiness.

The people we’re looking for are outgoing, fun, hard working, spontaneous and culture driven. We work hard, have fun and we may just have the role for you. Are you that person?

No Current Openings.

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